Avengers EndGame | Honest Review With Little Spoilers


Avengers EndGame is a fantastic movie and goosebumps are guaranteed. I one of the biggest Marvel fan ever as I have followed marvel from day Iron Man 1 was released. I am actually aware of all these characters from when I was a kid. I used to read Marvel comics from the vendor near my home for like 1-2 rupees. I used to love every other comic book I read about these amazing characters and I used to love the Incredible Hulk. Anyways, Avengers EndGame is a beautiful movie and it concludes everything satisfactorily however as I said, I am the greatest fan of marvel, therefore, I have a couple of thoughts about this movie.

1. Captain America - Even though the story is beautifully made and has a lot of logic to it, the timeline, however, is not satisfying at all. Even though he follows the timeline it is not really that logical. At the end of the movie Captain America is an old man, but how? When he never returns from his past, he should be either puny (very old around 100+ years old) or the same captain America he is currently, however, he turns out to be damn old. I mean, it doesn't make any sense at all. 

2. Asgardians - Now even though thor tells that only half of Asgardians are alive, this movie doesn't exactly tell how they escaped Thanos in Thor Ragnarok. We don't even see how they come to earth.

3. Prof. Hulk - Prof. Hulk might play a major role in this movie but we just don't know exactly how Prof. Hulk came into existence. I mean Bruce does talk about it but a very small explanation is what I feel.

4. Captain America is worthy to wield Mjolnir in the endgame? Captain America could hold Thanos hands for a long time in Avengers Infinity War, how? So if you are true Marvel fan, you would understand but if you are not then you would be confused. I feel that Avengers EndGame should have explained about Captain America being worthy.

5. Captain Marvel - Title credit scene shows how captain marvel comes in touch with the Avengers but they won't show rest of the story on how the conversation went between them.

6. Gamora - What happened to Gamora at the end of the movie? Now, that the question marvel should answer.

So even though the Avengers EndGame is an epic hit and a very satisfying movie, I feel a lot of things where missing. 

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