Kaala Movie Review: A Total Disappointment


Kaala didn't see a huge opening like Kabali maybe because I think the producers knew that it's not a great story, but still they did it! Kaala, a story which takes place in Mumbai slums like all the other Bollywood flicks, there will be a local leader who will be controlling the people by giving justice. Of course, Rajinikanth is that extraordinary local leader who fights crimes against public living in those slums. Because it is Mumbai you can spot the main villain mostly dresses as a guy from Shiv Sena and his ideologies reflect a little bit of Modi like Swachh Bharat, in the movie however it is called as a Clean Mumbai initiative (No there is no Thanos and no wiping out the universe). So same as some other movies, politicians try to grab land in the name of development and of course Karikalan aka Kaala tries to defend them. 

Kaala also has a small romantic side, when he see's her ex-lover Zareena the scenes looks awkward. The whole movie doesn't have that Rajinikanth charm in it. No style, no good dialogues and no good story. I feel that almost 70% of the movie doesn't give justice to thalaivar and his acting skills. The main villain is played by Nana Patekar. The story doesn't give that quality element to Thalaivar, therefore, this movie is a total failure. 

I mean come on, a Rajinikanth's movie has a scene where a small kid around 10-year-old says "Daadu, he seems to be nice, don't kill him". Who the fu*k wrote the script?

The climax is the most annoying, I mean Rajinikanth gets shot in the chest inside a burning building with hundreds of his followers overlooking him. Next scene they show that everyone is convinced that Kaala aka Rajinikanth is dead but still believes he will come back alive. And then, Kaala really comes back unharmed. I mean not even a small scratch mark. I would be convinced if they would have at least showed his stretch marks.

So before the climax, there is a scene where on one side, Nana Patekar aka Hari Daada is listening to Ram Katha and on the other side, Kaala is fighting all the evil guys. But the story and kaala kicking ass don't make sense coz in the scene the explanation goes how Ravana was beheaded several times and here Kaala is kicking ass. Everyone would have thought that Kaala is Ram however if you see the movie, that small girl (Don't kill him kid) tells her dad Hari Daada that 'Kaala is Ravana because he has 10 brains". It is confusing for sure however for me, it didn't make any sense. 

So finally, everyone starts throwing colours like as if they don't care and then done. The movie is over!


Kaala Movie Cast: Rajinikanth, Easwari Rao Huma Qureshi, Nana Patekar, Pankaj Tripathi, Anjali Patil

Kaala Movie Director: Pa. Ranjith
Kaala Movie Producer: Dhanush
Kaala Movie Rating: 1.5 stars

P.S. Spot Tamil Nadu Snoop dogg! He looks creepy and funny!
Also, that dog in the poster doesn't play any role in this movie like most of the other characters.

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