Sminq - A New Way To Share


Founded in 2015 by the trio Shachin Bharadwaj, Santhosh Nagarajan and Sheldon Dsouza, Sminq is an app that allows you to share updates and know details of specific places available real time. In simple words, Sminq is a new age Instagram story specific to places. Sminq initially was a doctor's app broadcasting live status of the patients in the queue. With this launch, Sminq has become one of the first apps that broadcast real-time information. The content varies from photos, offers and videos.

I was given a first-hand experience of the app and I am totally impressed with the concept. Imagine if you get information about a restaurant seating before you enter the place or knowing the discount price of a specific product. Everything is possible with this app.

Presently the app is live in Bangalore and Pune but from the day one, ready for global users across the world, therefore, you can start using it anywhere and everywhere. 

Note: All information on Sminq expires in a day (by default) but the ones that users love to get to stay longer! Every upvote to a post extends the life of the post on the platform. 

The app is now live on Android & iOs, so download now!

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