Don't Buy Suguna Chicken!


Let me first start this article by saying 'I have not been paid to talk against Suguna Chicken'. This is a personal analysis and I recommend to test Suguna Chicken after reading this article. How many of you have felt weird about the chicken you buy from the local butcher shop? Like having medicine smell or tasting weird or the taste of chicken. If you have come across to some of these qualities in your chicken then this article is for you.
I usually buy chicken from the local butcher and couple of months I used to hate eating chicken because of its taste and smell. I also observed that many people who buy the chicken used to talk and complain about the chicken. It was confusing at first but then once I ordered Five Star chicken from Swiggy and I really loved the quality of that chicken meat.
So I investigated further because how can one set of chicken felt differently than the other and I found something that I think nobody had observed till now.

I bought chicken from almost 10 shops near where I live. The meat was little red in colour, bloody and smelt like expired medicine. How can 10 shops give you some kind of weird chicken meat? So I asked a butcher and he proudly told 'Sir, this is Suguna Chicken. This chicken will be softer and tastier'. but my tongue said otherwise. In Bangalore, things have so happened that Suguna Chicken has become a brand, therefore, most of our butchers buy it from Suguna Farm. It is definitely not wrong but think again, the increase in demand can surely impact on the production. So I was sure that Suguna Chicken was using some kind of chemical to improve production. To confirm this, I also bought Chicken from the  Suguna's Daily Fresh and yes, it was the same chicken. Frankly, until this point, I used to blame the meat than the brand.

Last week, I went to buy Fish from Yeshwanthpur. I was window shopping in the fish market and suddenly I came across a chicken centre. The guy was so overly marketing Suguna chicken saying "Saar, come Saar best chicken for the best price". So I said him "I want to buy a chicken but I don't want Suguna Chicken because it tastes bad' and he replied, "Saar, I also have Vencobb chicken and it doesn't taste like Suguna". I told him to cut and pack chicken from Vencobb farm. The meat was not bloody and red unlike Suguna, it was similar to chicken I used to buy a year ago. I cooked it and was surprised to notice that it tasted totally different.

The meat colour, smell and taste of Suguna Chicken is very different than the regular chicken from other farms. You be the judge! Try chicken from a different farm and Suguna Chicken, you will know the real difference.

Note: This article is for educational purpose and not to endorse any brand.

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  1. Sugan chicken has bad smell of old medicine and chemicals.


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