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Top 10 Genuine Food Influencers/ Bloggers From Bangalore


Finding top 10 genuine Food Influencers or Bloggers was difficult, not because there are too many but because they are too few in Bangalore. Bloggers reviewing for free food, threatening the restauranteurs and even giving fake reviews are very common. There are associations who claim to be the best are cheaters and liars. PR's (Public Relations) to save money or with lack of knowledge, associate with these fake food groups and Zomato reviewers, bringing zero value to many restaurants. The scam has reached the highest level with so many unworthy or fake food reviewers popping up each day. This is impacting on the genuine food bloggers as well as enthusiasts or budding bloggers. There are many websites which name some of them as top food bloggers but when you see the numbers, it will not be more than thousand visitors per month. Zomato connoisseurs don't even know the basics of food and culture. So I being a top blogger or Influencer from Bangalore, it is my duty to segregate the best from the rest. Therefore, I am presenting a list top 10 food bloggers or Influencers from Bangalore. These people bring value to your spends, give you better results and of course drive your brand/ restaurant marketing to the next level. So if you are a restauranteur or a PR, this below list of people are the best when it comes to Influencer marketing. The list is in no particular order.

1. My Food Story from Richa Gupta

Simple food recipes with well-written content and a high number of followers. Richa Gupta's blog shows her passion for cooking and blogging.

2. A Gastronomical Journey by Rohit Dassani

A story of indulgence imprinted on the blog with good photographs making it a very simple and a passionate food review blog. He is also a genuine Zomato reviewer.

3. Grubitizer from Pratheek Ponnappa
A well-organized food blog with simple content. Nothing fancy in writing or photographs, just a flow of thoughts. He is on Zomato too!

4. Vidyascooking by Vidya Lakshmi
For all those people who would love to experience and cook delicious food, you need to follow Vidyascooking blog. She is very passionate about her cooking, blogging and eating at different places.

5. Fodyssey from Nameesh N Rajamane
Crisp content and insight in each restaurant is the speciality of this blog. Never miss the amazing selfies he takes.

6. PhenoMenal World from Pravin Menon
Fun stories and one-liners are too common for this blogger. A very quirky content talking about his food experiences is a delight to read.

7. Madraasi by Deepa 
This blog is filled with some unique Tamil cuisine with simple videos. She also does product and restaurant review.

8. Just Rumana from Rumana Nazarali
A simple lifestyle blog with informative content and decent photographs.

9. Saffron Trail from Nandita Iyer
Very engaging and a passionate blogger writing about healthy and simple cooking. If you want to cook something healthy and delicious, follow her blog.

10. Sin-A-Mon from Monika Manchanda 
This socially active blogger has a pretty blog which talks anything and everything about food. She is famous for her baking skills. 

So next time if you want to engage with a blogger, take a look at this list. You can also contact me for any blogger or influencer requirements.


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  1. Well get your facts right. I own a cafe and Nameesh had approached me for a paid review. Genuine? Hell no.


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