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IIHM Announces 4th Edition Of The Young Chef Olympiad


International Institute of Hotel Management has just announced the 4th edition of the Young Chef Olympiad in India in the presence of Chef Shaun Kenworthy, Chef Abhijit Saha, Chef Avijit Ghosh, Mr. Suresh Hinduja and Mrs. Shalini Khanna Charles, Director - IIHM Bangalore. Like the last year, Culinary art students from many countries have signed up to participate in this competition, making it one of the biggest culinary competition in the world. However, it is even bigger and better this time.

YCO allows young chefs to represent their country and compete on an international platform, providing a great starting point for their careers. The Young Chef Olympiad 2017 will be held from 28th January to 2nd February 2018, featuring over 50 countries. The event is supported by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. The event opens in New Delhi, followed by cook-off in Pune, Bangalore, and Kolkata with the Grand Finale which will happen in Kolkata on the 2ndFeb 2018.

The participant countries include Italy, Dubai, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe. Each country's team consist of a contestant and a mentor, typically among the best chefs of the region. The contestants are judged on various aspects beyond mere food preparation, including presentation, hygiene, creativity, and cooking technique. And like last year, the winner will be awarded $10,000 and the prestigious title of winning YCO 2018.

The announcement meet up included cook-off by Chef Shaun Kenworthy and a small gathering.

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