12 Hottest Instagram Models From India You Need To Follow


A list of the most beautiful and hottest Instagram models from India you need to follow right now.

1. Gauri Mehtaa
A post shared by GAURI MEHTA (@gaurimehtaa) on

2. Ruma Sharmaa

3. Prerna Kumar
A post shared by Prerna Kumar (@prernaakumar) on

4. Akshara Kapoor

5. Asmit Arora

6. Ritwika Singh
A post shared by Ritwika Singh (@ritwikasingh) on

7. Praju Starlet
A post shared by πŸ‘‘Prajakta Dusan⭐️ (@praju_starlet) on

8. Meghna Kaur
A post shared by Meghna Kaur (@kingmeghna) on

9. Bhoomika Mirchandani

10. Amanda Sharma
A post shared by Amanda Sharma (@amanda_sharma6) on

11. Navya Ramesh

11. Sakshi Malik
A post shared by Sakshi Malik (@sakshix) on

12. Pranwesha

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