Beware Of A Scammer Named Yuvraj Trivedy aka Yubraj Kumar


Scamsters are everywhere, beware! Saying this, I would like to introduce a scammer/ scamster named Yuvraj Trivedy (also known as Yubraj Kumar) who cheated not only me but many others. Yes, even I got scammed! It feels weird to say that but it's true. Let me tell you exactly how it all started and how I got scammed.

The introduction of Yuvraj Trivedy:

As many of you know that I was planning to produce a Food Program for Youtube. The first set of the shoot was done and it was under post-production. During this time, I was approached by Yuvraj Trivedy/ Yubraj Kumar (The Scammer) claiming to be the friend of one of my bud and told that he would take the Food Program to the next level. With the things happening around and his so-called influence made me believe and few others to trust him to take my Food Program forward. He promised us that he would direct the show and give us some money. We had nothing to doubt him! So we said yes. That is how we were pulled into his scamster's trap.

The Food Program:

So we already had a food program idea but this guy claiming to know everyone started to tell us that the idea is not that great and need a lot of editing. I was not really happy with a few things but I was forced to change my mind because it was not an individual choice. He made sure that he is correct by telling us about his fake background of knowing people in the business. I was not that intelligent to question him on the industry standards because I don't know anything about the industry. So he made a plan to travel to Chikmagalur for a shoot. We packed our bags and let's go!

Cheque Bounced

The sequence of Events:

To travel, he hired 2 cars BMW and normal sedan class car. The BMW rent is, of course, costly and I thought it is fine because what he initially told is to produce the video. Because he was hosting the entire cost of the trip as well as my promised fee, I had no problem travelling with him but soon I discovered that the trip was unplanned because no hotel was booked. I took the initiative to rent a room and take them. The property we stayed in was beautiful and scenic. However, things got weird the way he planned to shoot and it became so weird. Soon we discovered that he doesn't have any money as he lied to us saying it is at Mumbai airport or misplaced at Bombay airport. Slowly we stepped into day two where again things were not that proper because of the financial issues what was happening. However, the last day, believing him I spent around 15k to settle off the dinner and stay. The way he used to carry and the events made me believe his words that he will give me my money back but it didn't happen. We came to Bangalore and next day he meets me and gives me a cheque of 1 lakh rupees for the commitment of video shoot telling me to transfer the videos as well as promising 15k money back by evening. However, he asked me to give him 5k more for the evening dinner and he promised to send it back by evening. With a cheque in hand, I believed him totally and made myself fool with round figure 20k.

The Car Scam:

So the next day, I got a call from one of the drivers saying that Yuvraj Trivedy's cheque has bounced and he has escaped from Bangalore. I was shocked and made few calls to verify the news and yes, he has cheated the car rent owner for rupees 2.5 Lakhs. He has also damaged the car and its keys and ran off to Delhi. I called Yuvraj and asked him not to involve me in his shit, however, I also told him to return my money but it never happened. Even to this day, he is online on phone and he is somewhere in Mumbai. Due to my busy schedule, I am unable to catch him but very soon!

The Love/Marriage Scam:

During this period, I was trying to get more information about him. Using my contacts, I caught hold of a few people who have also got scammed from him. One lady told that he tried to trap her saying love and other lady told me that he has cheated her talking 18 Lakhs. So basically, he is a womanizer targeting many single females for sex and money. I request all the females to share this article and beware of this guy.


Currently, the scammer Yuvraj Trivedy is somewhere in Mumbai and I am still waiting for my 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees. Well! at least that 20K which I gave him.

Scamster's Details

Phone numbers: 9986325782 / 9513335486


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  1. He is a very big fraud he was in Goa in the month of JAN-FEB-MAR 2017 planning out a fake music tour across some cities in India making me and few others fools travelling across the country by making use of travel partners and event organisers.

  2. I really appreciate you sharing about this character. These people are at large and just dont get caught despite stringent Security rules. ..... Since you experienced it...pleare let me know if anyway I can talk to # 8971039888

  3. Hey Friends,

    I take this opportunity to write to you in regards to Mr. Yuvraj Trivedy, he told me that he is related to the owner of AVG Group, and duped me by getting tickets /hotels and Car for local usage where ever he travelled within India as I am into Tourism Business. we have been trying to get in touch with Mr. Trivedy on mobile no. +91-9986325782 but his phone is constantly on answering machine and never answeres/ returns to our calls.
    Mr. Yuvraj Trivedy had got his domestic flight tickets, hotel bookings and cabs services from us for his business travel and the outstanding bill of Rs 2,30,352/- dated July 12th 2017.
    Anyone giving his whereabouts, please let me know, I suggest lets all come together and catch this guy who had done so much fraud and who knows he still may be duping people of their money by talking all big.

    Best Wishes

    Sayyed Sarfaraz-ud-din
    President / Founder

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hi Every one
    yuvraj is big fraud person
    He has cheated me aprox 2.5 lac rs
    For booking of hotel nd flight
    If any one find please contact with me.
    Ctc 9507028888

    1. Please let me know what happened. You can mail to

  6. he was in nepal about 3 months ago i think he is in dubai now he also cheated me and others also in nepal.

    1. Hi that's right he is in dubai and I can get u the guy for more details contact me


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