When I Was A Woman On Facebook For Three Months


I was always fascinated to see how girls get so many likes on facebook and I don't. I specifically, mean men. Men don't get much attention on social media for obvious reasons but also, we have many friends. My friend gets a thousand likes on her picture and I get 30-40 odd. Am I ugly? well! not really, but the fact still remains mysterious. As a marketing guy, I have always thought positive about girl influencers and I myself have suggested female influencers for many clothing brands. But thinking about it now, which is later being a woman on social media, I regret it. I don't know if I should call women influencers or men perverts because most of the likes come from men. Of course, I can't say all men are perverts but there are many. I got to this conclusion when I create a fake profile with a fake photo and identity. The purpose of creating a fake profile was to recognise female influencers push of a brand but soon I realised that being women on social media is not only difficult but a psychological push.

Friend Requests: My fake profile got 5k friend request in a span of 15 days. Currently, I have 4864 on my friend's list and around thousand plus followers. Every day when I log in, I used to get somewhere between 10 to 30 friend requests. Trust me, next time if a girl tells you that she didn't notice your friend request, please don't misunderstand her.

Likes, Comments & even Shares: The number of people liking your picture or commenting on it is wonderful but every time I logged in, I used to have 70 - 80 notifications. These comments do make women smile but few embarrass her character. Below are some of the comments, I received as a disguised disgusted woman.


Messages: Even in messenger woman faces problems. I am not telling all guys would send out bad messages, but few. I myself do send random messages with funny one liners etc but the messages sent by disgusting men are different. Even good men feel embarrassed to read some of these disgusting messages. Not only that, women get hundreds of messages from random people, it's unbelievable and it's just "HI". Oh my god, guys if you really want to talk to women then don't send just hi or something disgusting, send something funny so that they laugh and talk to you. 

So on top of all this, I used to get video calls every 15 minutes. I mean, you don't have even 15 minutes to browse. Sometimes, if you cut the call, he again calls and calls till you log out of Facebook. It is not only irritating but I feel ashamed to be amongst these people. A small girls profile will receive so many negative things that I appreciate every woman on Facebook for staying positive. I request every woman to take necessary steps according to law to punish these perverts but on the other hand, always remember that not all guys are perverts.

I also request men to keep your junk in your trunk because no woman wants to see your dick pics on messenger and no one is ready to sleep with you. If you really want to talk to a girl then be kind, talk to her sweetly and who knows you might find your right match but messaging something bad is unacceptable.

I request all women to share this article and let your friends, boyfriend and even your husband know because I didn't know what you all go through till I myself became a woman on Facebook. Let me know what you think about this article in the comment section below.

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