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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Brew BQ


Who doesn't love Barbeque? What if I tell you that there are a Booze and Barbeque festival in Bengaluru? Well yeah! Phoenix Marketcity is conducting Brew BQ, a festival filled with sizzling steaks, beers and live music. Last year, I did attend this event and it was a fab because it's not only fun being a part of it but they had some delicious stuff. You can click to see more information about the last years Brew BQ Festival

1. Grills - 

Brew BQ's main attraction are the smoking grills from different restaurants roasting in front of us. It not only looks delicious but each and every restaurant's grilled items are delicious and cannot really compare. This festival will also feature some of the best Food Trucks who make some delicious food. Last year, my best pick was from a Food Trucks and it was a vegetarian dish.

2. Booze - 

Beer is also one of the major attraction of this festival. I can say that Brew BQ is like a picnic where you take tins of beer and fry chicken on the bonfire and gather around friends. Similar to that but the experience is different. 

3. Live Music -

In the middle of delicious barbeque and beer, the music fills up entertainment part of the whole festival. And this year, Arunaja, Ministry of Blues and shamrock are going to rock the stage and I am totally up for it.

4. Activities - 

Wanna ride a bull? Last year, BrewBQ tried there level best to throw off the contestants out of the bull ring with some jiggles. This year, they might have some different plan.

5.  Take a break -

Do you really need a 5th reason? if yes, then the reason or suggestion for you would be to just take a break and have fun.

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