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A week back I was invited to an event named 'MasterChef runner-up and celebrity Chef Shazia Khan demystifies ‘nouvelle cuisine’ for the home cook' but it was more like a TTK Prestige Cookwares promotion. The event was well organized to feature some of the TTK Prestige Cookwares and I am totally impressed with few. To give a small background, I use  TTK Prestige Cookwares at my place and I love their non-stick cookware set. The quality is top class and of course very premium products useful for many reasons. The celebrity Chef Shazia Khan actually used many  TTK Prestige products and it seems to be easy to do it in those. I was really interested to know more about Clip-on Pressure Cooker and Veggie Cutter because those are 2 unique products I saw. Air-fryer was also but I would not like to talk more about it because I use the product and I love it. Clip-on Pressure Cooker and Veggie Cutter was something that I have interest because I saw the perfection in those products. The Veggie Cutter was smooth to use and Clip-on Pressure Cooker can be used by a click of a button. I can easily say that these two products and Air-fryer are the next generation cookwares and I would love to use it on a daily basis.

Coming back to the event, Chef Shazia conceptualized a fusion menu for the event and was really delicious. Of course, I didn't get a chance to experience everything that she made but whatever I tried, I felt the perfection in it. She made dukkah crusted paneer with creamy beetroot, the brinjal affair, grilled figs with almond crumble and vanilla mousse, chilly mutton sliders, Cuban chicken skewers and specially concocted grape juice puchka shots made from TTK Prestige products and everything was done in just under an hour and a half. 

Speaking at the event Chef Shazia Khan said, “The palate of Indians is becoming increasingly sophisticated. People are open to trying out different cuisines as they are now being exposed to high-end restaurants mushrooming across the country, shows like MasterChef as well as widespread international travel. Such events enable me to inspire, teach and motivate home cooks to create delicious Michelin restaurant quality food in their own kitchens.’’

So finally, to be very frank products and I have TTK products which are more than 20 years old and it still works. I am a fan, are you? 

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