List Of Foods From China You Must Avoid


Made in China products are sold in India and in a very large number. These products vary from commodities to food to electronic devices and are sold at a very cheap price. Some of the products have been banned in India but some still alive and affecting our health. The following is a list of food from china you should and must avoid.

1. Apple Juice -

One apple from china a day, will harmful for your life. China actually uses banned pesticides to grow apples and those apples are sold raw as well as in the form of drinks which is harmful to your health.

2. Chicken -

The chicken from china is polluted and according to research done by many agricultural departments has concluded that the chicken suffers from avian flu and other foodborne illnesses. 

3. Industrial Salt -

Industrial Salt is not actually edible but somehow this salt has been used worldwide as a normal table salt. This salt may contain chemicals which can give you high blood pressure, hypertension, and heart attack.

4. Green Peas -

The recent discovery has shown that China's green peas are actually fake created with snow peas, soy beans, green dye and sodium metabisulfite (A bleaching agent).

5. Chicken Egg -

In china, they create the fake chicken eggs. They look like and feel like an egg but they are completely artificial. The eggs are made with non-edible industrial chemicals which are very harmful to your body.

6. Tilapia Fish - 

80% of tilapia from china comes from polluted water which is unsafe. Plus they are fed with bad food which makes tilapia toxic and very harmful to your health.

7. Cod Fish -

Cod Fish is also grown in polluted water which is unsafe. The chemical grown fishes grow well but very harmful to eat.

8. Processed Mushrooms -

Like the fishes, mushrooms are grown in dirty areas. These mushrooms are not cleaned or processed well. 

9. Chinese Garlic -

Methyl bromide is used as pesticides to grow Chinese garlic. This is harmful to your food as it causes abdominal pain, convulsions, dizziness, headache.

10. Plastic Rice -

The report suggests that what china exports are not actually rice. The rice is made with potato and resin plastic and is very harmful to your body.

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