David Guetta's Show Cancelled: 3 Facts Media Wont Tell You


Media has proved us time and again that they want TRP rather than the facts. Now after Bengaluru Police cancelled the show, presstitutes are propagating total false information. Today if you search about the David Guetta event, the main thing what you see is that Bangalore was not prepared for such a big event after mass molestation incident on the New Years Eve. But the main fact is nowhere visible. I am giving you 3 facts about the David Guetta Show and as a citizen, you decide.

1. Organisers submitted permission letter on Monday - The footfall of the event is around 20,000 people. Bangalore has hosted many events twice as large as this but this time Bangalore Police did not give permission because the organisers submitted the permission letter very late. Giving security to 20,000 people is not a joke, it needs to be well planned and executed.

2. Last Minute Venue was changed - Let's understand this wisely, it's not easy to shift 20,000 people event at the last minute and expect everything to go right. David Guetta event was moved out of city limited to a venue which falls under rural area.

3. Local elections - How many of you know that there is a local election happening in the same district? 

By the way, I want to give a tight slap on Mr.Karan Singh, CEO of Sunburn for misleading the public and of course presstitutes for their shameless reports. By the way, Bangalore police have offered organisers to reschedule the event.

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