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IIHM Announces 3rd Edition Of The Young Chef Olympiad


Indian Institute of Hotel Management has just announced the 3rd edition of the Young Chef Olympiad in India. Like the last year, Culinary art students from many countries have signed up to participate in this event, making this one of the biggest culinary events in the world. However, it is even bigger and better this time.

YCO allows young chefs to represent their country and compete on an international platform, providing a great starting point for their careers. The Young Chef Olympiad 2017 will be held from 28th January to 2nd February 2017, featuring over 60 countries. The event is supported by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. Chef Boris Leung from Hong Kong will be the Chief Judge for this edition. The panel of judges also includes eminent names like Chef Andreas Muller from Hong Kong, Chef Udo Leick from Dubai, Chef Kunal Kapur, Chef Ranveer Brar, Chef Abhijit Saha, Chef Manjit Singh Gill, Chef Parvinder Bali, Chef Sabyasachi Gorai, Chef Karen Anand, Chef Ajay Chopra, Chef Shaun Kenworthy among others. Several top hotels across India and Embassy Officials also take a keen interest in the event, which has become the highlight of the year for the youngsters in the hospitality industry.

YCO 2017 will be held in four phases. The first round will be held in Delhi on 28th January 2017, following the Opening Ceremony at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi. The second round will be held simultaneously in Bengaluru and Pune, and final round is scheduled in Kolkata. Competitors will undertake 3 rounds with differing culinary challenges and at the end of which the 10 contestants with the highest aggregate score from all 3 rounds will go through to the Final round.

Round 1: Delhi

Time Allowed: 90 Minutes

Theme: Following recipe and displaying basic skills

Dishes to prepare:

A) 4 portions of a classical chicken dish according to a recipe provided and that should be appropriate for fine dining service and

B) 2 Omelet’s appropriate for a fine dining a la carte breakfast

Round 2: Bengaluru & Pune

Time allowed: 90 minutes

Theme: Creativity and innovation

Dish to prepare: 4 Main Course portions of a Vegetarian dish produced from a basket of ingredients. Not all the ingredients have to be used except for the mystery ingredient that will be announced to the contestants 24 hours before the start of Round 2. There will be a different mystery ingredient for each competing group. The chosen recipe can reflect the contestant’s cuisine and culture and it must be appropriate for service in a brasserie or bistro restaurant.

Round 3: Kolkata

Time allowed: 90 minutes

Theme: Following a traditional recipe and displaying creativity and innovation

Dishes to prepare:

A) 4 individual portions of a classical Pudding dish based on a given recipe

B) 4 individual portions of a dessert prepared from a basket of specified ingredients and that is appropriate for service in a fine dining restaurant

The 10 highest aggregated scores from Rounds 1, 2 and 3 will go through to the Final of the Olympiad.

Final Round: Kolkata

Time allowed: 2 Hours

Theme: A test in Creativity, Innovation, Skills and Professional Good Practice

Dishes to prepare:

A) 4 portions of 4 individual Tapas dishes as a selection of Appetizers

B) 4 portions of a Fish dish as a Main Course

The competition will feature 2 sets of judges for each round. One set will be marking on the technical and production element and the other set of judges will be marking on the presentation, taste, flavor and culinary knowledge. And like last year, the winner will be awarded $10,000 and the prestigious title of winning YCO 2017.

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