Why Palm Oil Is Bad?


Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the palm fruit. With over 85% of all palm oil globally produced and exported from the regions of Indonesia and Malaysia, the palm oil has been ridiculed for its connections with major issues such as deforestation, indigenous animals rights abuses, health related and so on. Digging deep into this subject, we can find thousands of websites talking about millions of negative effects of palm oil but is it really true?

Palm oil is been used by us either direct or indirect as it is present in a wide variety of products which includes your daily used products like shampoo, cosmetics, washing detergents and even toothpaste. Knowing that Palm oil is so bad, why are we using all these and by the way, who told you that Palm oil is bad? We have been told by someone that it is bad. Let us dive deep into the facts and know more about Palm oil.

History - 

In order to meet the world's increasing demand for palm oil, huge rain forest areas were burnt down. These richly diverse eco-systems were replaced by endless roads of oil palm. Indonesia is the biggest producer of palm oil and had also lost it's forest at an alarming rate.
In 1985, Sumatra was covered by natural forest and was home to many animals including tigers. But since the industry came to the province, deforestation came into existence in those regions. 

So, We must put an end to palm oil, right?

It is said that 45% of the palm oil in Indonesia is produced by farmers to earn money and help in lifting them out of poverty. So the obvious question remains, how can we improve environment and protect people? Palm oil can be produced sustainable without clearing valuable forests and habitats. In fact, it has already starting to happen. Malaysian Palm Oil Council or MPOC has come up with various solutions to improve the production of the palm oil as well as being sensitive and proactive on current environmental concerns. Various approaches and technologies have been used to reduce the impact of palm oil production on the environment. Its successful implementations have helped in sustainable oil palm plantation, mill, and refineries. 

Palm Tree: Oxygen to the Air

One of the main concerns or theories that is widely talked about is the fact that Palm Tree don't release oxygen. In our school days, we have studied a lot about photosynthesis. If I remember correctly, the green texture on plants/ leaf is because of chlorophyll which is the main source when it comes to absorbing the sun’s energy. The leaf area index of the palm tree is about 5.6 and it produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide comparing to other trees.

Palm For Cooking

Palm oil is very rich in natural chemicals important for health and nutrition. It contains Carotenoids (includingpro-vitamin A), vitamins D, E and K. And it is Trans-Fatty Acid (TFA) Free. Dr Meena Mehta, Vice President of Indian Dietetic Association of India confirmed that Palm oil is very good for consumption. 


History is history and now looking at the future, I think Malaysian Palm Oil Council has done an amazing job of giving a better life to farmers, better breathing space to the environment and a great product for the society.
So why Palm Oil is bad? It is bad because it is very good for nature, business and for you!

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