A Journey Of Self-Discovery | Part 1


A few months ago, when I decided to take a journey to see how life can change from the present. There was a reason why I took that trip to some unknown places. I had no goals in life, nor any interest but had a faith in something which made me live my life. The life I had lived was mixed with joy and sadness but nothing is constant in this life. There was some feeling in my heart which exceeded its limit and hit my brain too hard which tumbled my inner consciousness. Some of the sad moments which made me decided to start my life all over again with an ultimate journey of life.

At 3 AM, I took a walk to the main bus stand 5 km away from my home. It took me around an hour to reach. I climbed on the bus and at exactly 5.10 AM the bus started moving. Well! I actually didn't know where it was going till the conductor asked me. I was not so sure so I give him 1000 rupees and told him last stop. He gave me a ticket which said 'Tirupati'. I am a spiritual man and I was very happy to start my journey with the Lord. The thought process was wild throughout the journey like the outside weather. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold, rainy and cloudy.

6 hours later, I landed in Tirupati bus stand. Was tired, but fortunately, with some contacts, I got a place to settle for a night. Next day early morning I woke up and started my journey towards the hill. I feel blissful when I get more pain, therefore, I started trekking the seven hills. Devotions, chants made me blissful but my stamina was not up to the mark. I felt life is like this hill and decided to crack this challenge. Actually, this was my first challenge of life. The emotion, devotion, and desire all worked hard to achieve an unachievable task for my weight. I climbed 3800 steps to reach the Kaliyuga Vaikunta and achieved it in 5 hours. The next challenge is getting inside the Que to take the Darshan of the Lord. Usually, it takes around 2 hours but due to some VVIP moments, it took me 4 hours to get inside the temple.

The footpath to the Kaliyuga Vaikunta is painful and standing in Que for 4 hours is both irritating and painful but the face of the divine kills the pain and his Prasadam just made me blissful. Is this life I asked? The inner soul responded yes. That is when I decided to go explore the life more. Next stop, Tirupati Airport. Spending more than ₹6000, I took a flight to Delhi. It was a perfect start, a Path to Perfection.

To be continued...

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