8 Things To Do On New Year's Eve In And Around Bangalore


Bangalore has everything but on New Year's Eve we always get confused is to what to do. Party offers flow all over the social media, messages from different hotels and pubs. Your hands are tight because of demonetization and of course your drunk friend is inviting you to his home to get sloshed. But how do you want to welcome your 2017? 
Check the list below, might help

Spiritual Tranquillity

If you are a very spiritual person then you can visit temple or church. ISKCON Temple in Rajajinagar is open till 12.30 AM on the New Year's Eve. ISKCON Bangalore is actually conducting an event where you can involve yourself Chanting the Hare Krishna mantra, Take part in Spiritual Activities, sing the Sankirtans and of course take the darshan of the lord during the Midnight Arathi.

Roam around the Empty Roads

Because most of the people will be inside the clubhouses and lounge bars, you can explore the empty roads of Bengaluru. It is a very rare sight indeed because only on New Year's Eve you can actually see empty roads but sparkling. You might bump into people who are partying on the road, maybe shout back Happy New Year at them.

A Long Drive

A Long Drive is usual and can be done any day but there is something special driving or riding with your loved one. You can drive along with your partner and exactly at 12 midnight, you can give her a kiss in the moonlight. Ahhh.... How Romantic!

Brigade Road

Many people actually don't know what happens in Brigade Road on the New Year's Eve. Entertainment, group wishes and public drinking, everything happens at Brigade Road. Cops are everywhere, drones monitoring every second will make you feel secure and enjoy to the fullest. At least once in your life, you should explore Brigade Road on the New Year's Eve.

Games & Entertainment

I personally would love to celebrate or welcome New Year playing games. You can either stay home, drink and hook on to your Xbox or you can take a ride to Smaaash, 1 MG road which is filled with exciting games. You can get drunk too.


10000 feet of pure thrill which includes almost 7000 feet of free fall is a worth an experience. You can experience Skydiving in Mysore on 31st December 2016. Can't get better than this.


Just escape to the nearby destinations like Coorg, Hampi, Wayanad, Kodaikanal, Pondicherry, Gokarna etc. You can go there, just relax, smell the breeze and relax yourself seeing the wonders of the world.

At Home

The best thing you can do on New Year's Eve is that you can sit at home, watch your favourite movie. Bake a cake, cut it at 12 and eat it. January 2 falls on Monday, so go to the office with fresh thoughts and mood.

Happy New Year

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