3 Reasons Not Argue When You're Angry


It is normal for us to shout and argue when we are angry but it can harm you a lot. I think almost everyone knows why we should not argue when we are mad. But sometimes, we just explode!
We present to you 3 clear reasons why we shouldn’t argue when we’re angry.

1. Thinking everything/ everyone is against you!
When we feel angry, we tend to lose control emotionally and that leads to 'I Am Legend' squeal. Psychologists believe that when you are in a bad mood, you tend to take anyone's words or gestures to be insulting. So when you are angry! just SHUT THE FU*K UP.

2. You unintentionally others angry
Choice of words are important and if you don't follow the above rule, its evident that other person might get angry!

3. You are literally def
Anger blunts your ability to be rational. That is the reason you literally dont want to listen to others. When angry you will tend to complain a lot rejecting the oppositions clams.

So! Finally, dont get angry and if you are angry then dont argue because it can break relationships

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