Why Zomato Reviewers Are Not Really The Genuine Food Reviewers


Zomato is one of the largest food community in India. Many online users trust the reviews, ratings on Zomato and decide whether to go to a particular restaurant or choose a better option. The restaurants, on the other hand, requests their customers to give a good ranking on Zomato. Setup looks perfect until you dive deep into the world of Zomatoism. I know, this article might spark a huge debate amidst the general public, Zomato food reviewers and Zomato itself but the Constitution of India guarantee the right of freedom of speech and expression (Ref: Article 19) and I am sure, I am using it for a right cause.

A Layman Perspective:

Let us first understand the concept Zomato. It is a platform that provides an online support for restaurants and a platform which breed food reviewer in you. As a user, you generate content for Zomato and sometimes death sentence to a restaurant. Once you start reviewing, you get addicted to gain more points and the person who gets maximum points become a top food reviewer with a verified tag. Understandably, these reviewers are rated top rated based on their quantity and not on their quality. The below is the Zomato website's 'Top Reviewers in Bangalore' screenshot.
The page doesn't say anything about their food knowledge. It says, how much points they have earned writing reviews and which area they have covered a lot.
"Well! Zomato, I don't become an expert in an area just by reviewing a couple of places and you give them the term connoisseur! Really?"
And the star signifies that they are 'Verified Reviewers', basically, it means that Zomato has met them personally. 

Zomato Reviewers:
Coming to the reviewers, I think Zomato has got some good knowledgeable food critics but rest of the top people are crap. They write few lines saying "The place is good, ambience was perfect and the food tasted very good" and then follows more than 10 photos which will include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. And the reality is, they are vegetarians!. Plant eaters reviewing or posting photos of vegetarian food makes sense but they click and upload non-vegetarian food just for some bloody extra points. I mean "You guys don't have a conscience?". As a food critic, we should know what we are talking about and what we are posting on to the public space because we represent people and we should be honest. Coming to the rating, check their so called Top Bloggers List. Everyone would have given not less than 3.5 stars and not more than 4.5 stars. Even for the crappiest restaurant, they would have given 4, because they are not honest. You might ask, what is the use of giving good ratings to all the restaurant? Simple, they will be close to restaurant owners and will be called for all the events. Basically, they would get free food and free drinks.

The Restaurants:

Many restaurants have this weird conclusion that these food bloggers from Zomato are genuine that they give honest feedback. I really appreciate these restaurants but they should know the reality. As I told previously, these reviewers are NOT food critics, they are just ranked based on their review numbers. Some reviewers are really stupid that they give the most ridiculous feedback and suggestions. The classic example would be today's review, I went to a Donne Biryani place for a review with some of the Zomato food reviewers(well! I don't even know who these people are. however reviewers to come to review food, not FRIENDS). They started suggesting the owner to include baked Aloo in donne biryani thali and some desserts on the menu. The place they are suggesting is a place known for its hardcore non-vegetarian food and it's an authentic military style hotel. It's like asking for Rasam at a lounge bar. Of course, I tried to defend the worst ever suggestion from these Zomato food reviewers and also decided to never review food with them. The restaurants should also maintain high standards and should not beg for ratings on Zomato. My suggestion to restaurants is that please try to differentiate between Zomato fakers and real food bloggers/ critics. 

Blind Followers:

One more ridiculous thing is that these food reviewers have thousands of followers. These followers gain some random followers who also wants more followers. Once you follow some guy, it's done. I mean literally, you don't get any update when they write a new review. I don't know what is the real use of followers. The term blind following the blind is so true in this case. 

The People:

I think people or the general public should be aware of these fake things going on Zomato. The people who you think are not real food critics, they are just normal people who don't have any extra knowledge on food. Also, observe some of the verified reviewer's profiles, you will find ratings between 3.5 to 4.5 for all. And none of the "connoisseurs" are really connoisseurs, just fake.

The Real Foodies/ Critics:

It's clearly visible, best critics don't play a big role on Zomato because they don't want to. They have their own websites/ blogs, and they give one of the honest reviews ever. So I request all of you to see other blogs, websites and understand who are real and who are pretenders.

So finally, it's time for hoteliers, restaurateurs and you! to understand that Zomato is not a real place to find genuine reviews or any food critics. So let us #GetOverZomato.

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  1. I love it !! Finally someone has the balls to tell the truth...

  2. Precisely what I have been harping about. but people just dont get it!

  3. It's a free loaders platform so what else do you expect? After our talk in Au Bon Pain I have not visited Zomato for quite some time for putting my review, blog or even checking out others review. They still have me at 2 for food bloggers inspite of it so dont shoot me :D


  4. Nice blog bro. The new trend is Restaurant paying people to hurl abuses on genuine reviews if it it against them. The problem Zomato want these kind of things to happen to raise eyebrows and thus will increase their footprint...crap site not to be trusted.


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