Rajinikanth's Kabali Movie Review


Rajinikanth just bagged a box office collection of rupees 400 crores in just 4 days of the release of the movie Kabali. With the mixed reactions running around, I have decided to do a honest review on the whole movie. Rajinikanth is the boss of film industry and when he does a movie we expect it to be kick-ass. The buzz around this movie was so huge that the topic trended for a week on both twitter and Facebook with so many people sharing his teaser, doing reaction videos and memes. But how is the movie? its good and not great.

The Plot:

The opening scene opens up police having a conversation about Kabali - A Tamil Don in Malaysia. The scene then opens to a grand entrance of Rajinikanth as Kabali sitting inside prison. The police releases Kabali and he takes that famous walks with that "Neruppu Da" song. 25 years after the release of Kabali, how would he bring back the gangster in him can be said as the gist of the story. The story of Young Kabali, finding her wife, daughter and his connection to the Tamil rebel group, fight against Chinese mafia can be said as is the main story line. The whole story revolves around the sentiment of Tamil people in Malaysia with many twists and turns.

The Style:

Rajinikanth never disappoints us with his looks and attitude. The whole story runs around Kabali as a strong mafia don and Rajinikanth plays it with extreme attitude and strength. The attitude of a real don is depicted beautifully even at the end of the movie where he shows that no one can touch him. The attire, his dialogues and his favourite Mercedes car is also an highlight of this movie, some parts have dumb lines about his cool attire but who cares.

The Cast:

Rajinikanth is the main focus than anyone else in the movie. I mean everyone else in the movie are just doing a supporting role including Radhika Apte (Wife of Kabali).

The Mistakes:

There are lot of mistakes in the movie. Some bits and pieces of movie has been copied from a popular game called ‘Sleeping Dogs’. The whole mafia theme has totally copied from this game which is a big mistake. Secondly, when Kabali lands in india, he says that this is the first time he has landed in india but a recap of kabali’s wife incidents shows him in India. Kabali discovers that his daughter is alive and he meets her but there is absolutely no emotions involved including a shock. The story doesn't have a kick because there are no emotions involved. 

The Summary:

I think, Kabali is a likable and a one time watchable movie. I am giving three stars. I wanted to give half extra but the last 1 minute of the movie just kills the movie so I took off half mark. I would love to see this movie again if they cut the last 1 minute part.

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