You Should Have These Ultimate Indian Thalis Before You Die


Indian Thalis are the best thing in the world, I mean its like a buffet on your plate. Every other state in India has its own mix of thalis but some thalis are famous as well as the greatest. Here are some of my favorite indian thali which I think every foodie must try atleast once.

1. South Indian Thali
South Indian Thali
Being a south Indian, I think I would always prefer south Indian thali meals because we love rice. curd and ofcourse papad. Also this thali is made in karnataka only and its pure vegetarian.

2. North Indian Thali
North Indian Thali
This Meals in a default option you get in almost every north Indian restaurant. Roti, chana masala and buttermilk are most common in this.

3. Punjabi Thali
Punjabi Thali
This Meals basically is a non-veg thali serving you kulchas and parathas with amazing spicy chicken curry.

4. Maharashtrian Thali
Maharashtrian Thali
This thali is mostly famous in north india, they serve you delicious spicy chappatis and desserts. Ofcourse no Maharashtrian Thali is complete without kanda bhaji.

5. Goan Thali
Goan Thali
This thali is filled with Sea food like prawn curry, crab masala, kokum curry and the list goes on. The specialty of this thali is that most of the cuisines are coconut based.

6. Keralite Thali
Keralite Thali
This Thali is very similar to South Indian Thali but its different in curries. Some of the Keralite Thali also contains non-vegetarian but its all worth it.

7. Andhra Thali
Andhra Thali
Spicy delicious andra thali is one of the best thali you can find in south india, I mean the quality and quantity are both high. This thali has almost everything from rice to delicious pappu charu and if you are lucky, you might get putarekulu as dessert.

8. Gujarathi Thali
Gujarathi Thali
A mix of sweet, spice and everything nice is what you find in this thali. The thali is well balanced between flavors and its delicious.

9. Rajasthani Thali
Rajasthani Thali
I call this as a tough thali because the cuisines are hardcore. Endless serving of chapatis with gatte ki sabzi is just delightful to watch and have.

10. Assamese Thali
Assamese Thali
This is a not so famous thali but this is one of the best thali from north east. Assamese thali actually looks cute like assamese and tastes delicious too.

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  1. Wow! What an idea to introduce all the varieties of thalis in one segment for different regions. I enjoyed rajasthani thali but I have to try all of others.


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