Why #IQuit Three Jobs In Five and Half Years


I get one of the obvious question in any interview, "why did you quit your job?" tackling my mind giving an answer to everyone is a pain in the neck. Five and half years of experience, multi talented, excellent communication skills and a regular promotions makes me the best seller candidate at any interview. The only draw back is that I quit regularly and they cant trust me. The longest job I ever held stretched just a little over two and half years and the shortest ended in just eleven months.

Giving a brief about myself would surely help you to understand my personality better. I am a skilled multi talented guy who loves music and games. I mix creativity and fun bit into my work to make it more effective. Laughter is a good mantra to focus on and surely it helps you to manage your inner demon and that is my key of life. Coming to work, I am a business minded guy with unique ideas popping frequently inside my brain. I assume the company to be mine and work hard to promote it even if I am not a marketing manager. I know you guys might be thinking that I am over doing myself but I am sure I have evidence to back me up.
I love writing work and my current interests would be community management. I love to engage and talk to people on social medias, forums and everywhere else. I am big foodie too, the website you are on right now is mine. I did the development, content, SEO, Social Media, promotions, marketing and everything else to make it big with almost 1.2 lakh visitors around the world. 

Coming back to the topic, I’ve had interviewers tell me "How can we trust you?" and my answer would be pretty much what you are thinking right now. I am not an MBA guy or a student of a big college, I am just a regular guy who has enhanced his knowledge on multiple things. Companies doesn't like to see me telling the truth but they just want me to stick my ass and work. This article would be an eye opener for all the companies who like to hire me now or in the future.

My first company was a pretty much an experimental startup which had lot of content related websites. I joined here as a content writer for just 9000 bucks and I loved the job. For one year I was not really a work champ because I was relatively not in a mood to develop my career. After a heavy warning from my manager and the boss, I started working hard and for the next one and half years I was a hard working guy. I was actually promoted to a senior content writer role and then I became a team lead handling almost 12 senior people. I was the youngest team lead writer for all the senior writers, felt awkward but I did like my job. 

My second company was a travel & a leisure company. I had attended almost 4 interviews in this company before I was hired. I failed in 3 interviews for multiple reasons and then finally the 4th one was the luckiest and I was hired as an Assistant Community Manager. The reason I attended so many interviews with them is because I loved this website and had a dream to work with them. Handling comment section & forum of the website, I enjoyed my small stay at this company. The CEO was a kind guy, who actually heard my voice. I had lot of creative ideas which he used to like it and used to give me a positive feedback on most of them. It was all going well until that day when I saw a whole floor empty. My company had failed to get funding and the rumor has it that the company is firing lot of people. Was it a right time, I don't know but I decided to quit the job voluntarily. Not only me but most of my colleagues decided to help each other out of the company and secure a job elsewhere. Thanks to god, that I secured a job at Startup backed by a big 25 year old software company. Leaving my second company was a mistake because it was short and sweet but I was not ready to wait until someone comes and tells me "We cant afford you anymore". Frankly I would love to rejoin them again, coz I really like the work space and environment. 

My third company as I said before was a startup backed by a big software company. I joined them as a respectable "Content Head" working under "National Head Finance" because its a startup and senior gets it all. I was the 4th person to join this company and I really loved working here. Small space, few people, lot of work, creativity made me a happy man. We used to work, suggest in development, call center training, app testing and so forth was our daily activity apart from working on app content. It was good until that day when the company was burnt by blazing fire. We were about 10 people moved to different locations inside the city and secured a space near Richmond road. By the time we reached to Richmond, the strength increased to 40+ people. Company hired Operations head, Marketing Head, Technology Head and so forth. I being a content head (was very young for that position) was sidelined by Finance Head controlling my daily activity. Then he promoted 2 people as managers who tried to control me personally. They failed to recognize that I had a higher grade than them and respectably I told them in their own language. So the company went on and I tried to bring in change but many didn't like it. Politics does have a place in corporate world and I was not really bothered because I was following my ethics at work. The company which was doing well with few people started to fall down with booking running to double digits. The marketing head was too proud of himself and that effected the whole marketing skills and even the operations head was cranky fellow. This followed by Zero Investment, because they just failed to give the numbers. Time came when they started removing employees, and I am sure my enemies at office wanted to kick me out too. I saw people slowly moving out of office and then I decided to quit too. I was unhappy but I think it was probably one of the best decisions I've made. It gave me perspective on what was important to me in my career- doing meaningful work in an inspiring environment or just work for money. 

At 26, Some people term it as a poor career choices but if I had to do it all over again, I would make these same "mistakes" again. I have extracted positives from every work and would continue to do so. Today, I can proudly say that I am a Food Connoisseur, a Social Media Community Management guy, Creative Marketing guy and a Content guy. If that doesn’t make me an all-rounded creative candidate, I don’t know what does.

Currently I am looking for good opportunity and If you think I can bring in change in your company then do contact me on or call me on 9886641489 / 9590870441.
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