16 Hilarious Misconceptions Foreigners Have About Indians


Most of the Foreigners have weird misconceptions about India. I mean most common is the language and accent. Many Hollywood movies including DeadPool has this strange Indian guy with an accent. I think misconceptions about India because its fu*king funny to hear things and the best part is seeing foreigners land in India for the first time with all these misconceptions, its priceless. Anyways for all you foreigners, here is a lesson about India.

1. Weather is too Hot everywhere
Some places are damn hot but not all, we have better seasons than most of the foreign countries. We have cities which snows, rains heavenly and have beaches too. 

2. Spicy Food Everywhere
Spicy yes but not everywhere, I mean some south Indian places have spicy food but north Indian places use very less spice. I think each and every region of India has its own quality cuisine and not everything is spicy.

3. Snake Charmer Everywhere
Snake Charmer are found in some remote north Indian places and they are found just to attract you foreigners. South India didn't have any snake charmers from the time in memorial.

4. All Indians are Hindus
Majority of Indians are Hindus covering the total population of 800 million but we have many minority religions like Islams, Sikhism, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and lot of atheist too.

5. All Indians are Vegetarians
I think you foreigners should use your brain a little because we gave "Chicken Tikka Masala" to the world.

6. Indian's Speak Indian Language
There is no language called Indian. We have 122 major languages and 1599 other languages but Indian Constitution recognizes 22 official languages for communication and recognizes 2 languages as National Language namely Hindi & English. By the way, Namaste is a hindi greeting and not all Indians use it.

7. Bobble Heads
Not every Indian does the Bobble Heads motion but we do use our body language 

8. All Indians are good at Math, Spell-bees and Software Technology
Again, we are good at this but we are also good in other technologies like space missions, inventions etc. 

9. India has full of Call Centers
Nope, India has full of Indians and some 0.2% people work in call centers.

10. All Indian's wear Sari
We wear jeans, tops, shorts, mini skirts, micro mini skirts. We wear saris mostly for occasions and ethic days.

11. Every Indian worship cows
Not all Indians, of course most of the Hindus do worship them but not everyone. South Indians mostly don't have the concept of worshiping cows.

12. All Indians are Brown
We come in all colors, from extreme white to extreme black. The aryans from the north are fair, middle indians are brown and extreme south Indians are damn black. By the way, North-Eastern people look like Asians but they are Indians.

13. Indians Accent is so funny
Actually, Indians speak neutral English. You guys have an accent and its damn funny to us. Guess what, you get fooled every time.

14. There are no rich people in India
According to the statistics in 1.2 billion Indians there are about 10% indians are rich, 40% middle class people. Count down the numbers and you'll have an idea.

15. Indians ride on Elephants
Foreigners who come to India ride on elephants. We ride on cars, bikes and do some stunts too.

16. Every Indian wares a Turban
Turbans are worn by sikhs and not all. I mean some sikhs dont even wear turban and comparing to rest of india, you are foreigners stupid.

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