10 Hilarious Misconceptions Indians Have About Indians


India is a huge and a weird place, for number of reasons. I mean from sex, caste, religion, each and every state defers but ultimately the whole India is blamed. To be frank, foreigners see India has a whole and they don't understand the differences between territory, languages and culture. A rape in Delhi shakes whole nation and foreigners think that the whole India is bad. Sometimes its frustrating when one part of the crime sweeps the nation with bad energy. We think that foreigners have misconceptions but do you know that we have lot of misconceptions about ourselves which are untrue. I think, this article might help you in realizing few facts about Indians.

1. All South Indians are dark
Most of the North Indian people think that all the south indians are dark but that untrue. I think south india has a mix of colors from extreme white like Tamanna to extreme dark like rajinikant. North Indian people also think that we are obsessed with white people and that-s again untrue, we actually don't have any give a fu*k about skin color. 

2. All South Indians are Madrasi
Madras is now called Chennai and that's a basic common sense. Madrasi is a person who lives in madras and for your kind information they are now called as "Chennaites". So calling chennaites as madrasi is funny and if you are thinking to call all south indians as madrasi then you can dig up a grave and stay in it.

3. All South Indians are rude/uncouth
For all you people who think we are rude, must understand that Bangalore is cosmopolition city and there are lot of north Indians, Americans and other race people staying here. If we are rude then all you north Indians would be jobless. 

4. All North East Indians look like Chinese (Chinkies)
This statement is not only racial but it shows your ignorance. North East Indians are our proud sons and daughters of India, frankly they are cutest and the sweetest people comparing to any other state people.

5. All North East girls are shameless and dress to excite men
North East girls are very pretty because of their amazing skin. They are very beautiful and I don't see anything wrong if they wear any cute dress. Realize that they don't look awkward in small dresses and if you are weak minded then you will surely be excited.

6. All North East Indians less educated
Most of the North East Indians are well educated, I mean they can talk better English than delhiites. These people actually get amazing jobs and make lot of money.

7. All North Indians are fair
Actually this is very similar to south Indian misconceptions. North Indians complexions are fair for sure but not all, many people are brown and even dark too.

8. North Indians think Hindi is the Official Language of India
Actually most North Indians do think Hindi is the Official Language of India but not all. This is little confusing because its half true and I have seen many North Indians saying Hindi is the Official Language of India.

9. All North Indians are cunning
South Indians are cunning too, I mean every other person is cunning in his/ her own way for sure so we cant judge saying all North Indians.

10. All North Indians Jobless and End up in Bangalore
Thinking all north Indians are jobless is not right, I mean Mumbai is financial capital of India and there are millions of people working in Mumbai. But to be little factual, I also feel that many north Indians do end up in Bangalore.

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    A South Indian n what u said here is so true for so many


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