These 10 Singles Winning Hearts All Over The Internet This Valentine’s Day

08:07Guruji Foodie

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and we would like you to check these people who are winning hearts all over the internet. 

1. You can love a tree this valentine, Cross Pollination Indeed

2. She comes with a kid. Offer valid till Valentine’s Day or till someone picks her up

3. Have you heard of Food Porn? Well, He loves Food

4. Let the hearts rain, I have an umbrella - grumpy cat 

5. Vitalyzdtv just picks up girls everyday. Who needs one when I can have many

6. He dont need no women

7. I mock Valentine’s Day anytime, anywhere

8. Tinder is too main stream

9. Girlfriend lvl-Anime

10. If you dont get a girlfriend, dont worry you can grow one.

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