Here’s Why Deadpool is Anti-India


Deadpool released in India few days back and is running successfully all around india but do you know he is anti India? Our sanskari censorship board did cut many scenes from this movie but also they failed to stop Deadpool from doing anti-india activities in the movie. Check out why I think Deadpool is the most anti-Indian superhero ever.

1. Deadpool can make fun of anybody, but NOT in India -
Mr. Merc with a mouth Deadpool speaks and jokes about everyone, which is of course not possible in india. Remember, Kiku Sharda who got arrested for mocking dera chief Gurmeet Singh. 

2. Deadpool flirts with everybody including men -

OMG, India cannot take that. I mean third gender is humiliated as well as Homosexuality is illegal in this country. 

3. Deadpool believes in instant justice - 
We Indians believe in Karma and welcome everyone with the slogan "atithi devo bhava" including the terrorists who kill our army jawans. Example - Ajmal Kasab's hospitality service costing around 29.5 crores & commemorating Afzal Guru. 

4. Deadpool never takes himself too seriously - 
India is a land of sanskaries and serious intellectuals. We are not allowed to joke about ourself, greatest example -  AIB Knockout

5. Deadpool believes in taking shit from nobody -
India is a peaceful nation, we believe in talking talking and only talking. India Pakistan talks going on from 1947.

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