Every Indian Knows These 20 Mascots


Mascots are one of the main part of promoting a product but some really stays in our hearts. We just researched throughout some of the mascots and came up with 20 amazing once. Lets see how many can you actually remember

1. KFC
KFC Mascot
Colonel Harland Sanders is the famous mascot of Kentucky Fried Chicken as well as the founding father of KFC.

2.  McDonald's
McDonalds Mascot
Ronald McDonald, everyone knows him and takes selfies with him

3. Appy Fizz
Appy Fizz Mascot
Who doesn't know the Appy Fizz bottle to hangon with.
4. Pillsbury
Pillsbury Mascot
Pillsbury Doughboy is one of the cutest mascot, "Hoo-Hoo!"

5. Vodafone
Vodafone Zoozoos Mascot
The overnight popular mascot became a household character. Funny as it looks and talks, we just love zoozoos all the time.

6. Amul girl
Amul Girl Mascot
It may be gujarat or karnataka, Amul girl is famous everywhere. She is also famous for the slang "Dont behave like amul baby"

7. Kellogg's 
Kellogg's Mascot
Tony the Tiger is one of the famous mascots of 20th century and even today many actually recognize by seeing the tiger.

8. Cheetos
Cheetos Mascot

PETA note this, they are using animals as mascots. on a serious note, Cheetos is named Chester Cheetah and I am sure, no one knows.

9. The Common Man
The Common Man Mascot
The Common Man mascot created by R K Laxman represented the hopes, aspirations of a common man of india.

10. Sun Feast
SunFeast Mascot
The ITC Sunfeast is one of the famous biscuit mascot after parleG, trust me you recognized it before reading this.

11. Boomer
Boomer Mascot
The Indian version of Mr Fantastic does all the stunts on TV inspiring kids to buy this super bubble gum and do just nothing but whatever just chant "Boom, Boom, Boomer"

12. Parle G
Parle G Mascot
I dont know how this girls face became so famous, may be that is what even the mascot is showing "I dont know"

13. Air India
Air India Mascot

Air India Maharaja is still one of the famous mascot of india, of course you don't experience any Maharaja feel on the airline.

14. 7UP
7UP Mascot
As cool as it looks, this man just ruled the competitors and is still ruling.

15. Hutch
"You and I, In this beautiful world" of course where ever you go this dog surely follows but not the network.

16. Asian Paints
Asian Paints Mascot
Gattu is a famous brand boy of Asian Paints but frankly I think this supports child labor.

17. Onida
Onida Mascot
Who doesn't remember the evil yet normal looking man with 2 horns known as Onida Devil, I am sure no one would have gotten scared of him.

18. Nirma
Nirma Mascot
Washing powder nirma, Washing powder nirma... Sing along and remember her

19. Lijjat Papad
Lijjat Papad Mascot
Remembering "Kharram Khurram" song of our Lijjat Papad Rabbit, we always loved this ugly looking rabbit.

20. Indian National Congress
Indian National Congress Masco, Rahul Gandhi
How many of you remember this ultimate and funny mascot of Indian National Congress? I am sure, everyone loves Rahul Gandhi speech. 

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