Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men


I have assembled a series of 25 photos which proves women live longer than men. I think there are some lessons to be learnt by the guy, I mean make your wife work too.

Its really hot bro, Lets fix the AC.

I live my life on the edge
Me too Bro.... Living on the Edge
Trust fall! No this is Trust Hold.
Science is all about Experiment
F*ck Science & Gravity
My wife told that I should paint everywhere
Reverse Trust Fall....
No Parking Zones everywhere, So I did this
You just need a rickshaw...
I am just checking how strong is the holdings
Windows should be clean
No Ladder, No Problem... I used to work in Circus
Always take care when using dangerous equipment
No I dont wanna get wet
Living on the edge? F*ck Yeah...
Its so hot, Lets take rest below my crane
If gravity allows, why not
I drive that from past 15 years, It knows me...
My gym trainer is the best
Friend in need is a Friend climbing the ladder
I just need wood between me and electricity
No Space bro, Need to transport it quick
quantum mechanics! I dont know what is that but it just suits me..
Alcohol hits me more than Electricity.

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