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IIHM's To Host Young Chef Olympiad In India


IIHM Young Chef Olympiad, Chef Shaun Kenworthy
Young Chef Olympiad is a 6 day culinary event organised by International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM). Culinary art students from almost 67 countries have signed up to participate in this event, which makes it one of the biggest culinary event in the world. With the total prize money of $ 10,000, students are excited to participate and win the big prize. Addressing us at the press conference on Tuesday, Shalini Charles explained that the official launch will be at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium in New Delhi followed by 6 day culinary extravaganza and the grand Finale to be held in Kolkata on 1st February, 2016.. Chef Shaun Kenworthy hosted a Master Class for the us, as he who showcased his talent in making yummy Trifle Indian. Before this master class tasty session started, Director of IIHM Bangalore, Shalini Charles hosted us with her generous speech about YCO concept. Student chef community also prepared us 5 delicacies to munch on and it was very delicious. 
Finally, Young Chef Olympiad is one of the best and a great opportunity for aspiring young chefs to showcase their talent and win big. Olympiad would take place at Royal Orchid Hotel, Old Airport Road starting on January 29, so if you like to see go ahead.

More Pics

IIHM Young Chef Olympiad, Indian Trifle
Indian Trifle
IIHM Young Chef Olympiad, Indian Trifle
Indian Trifle Variant
IIHM Young Chef Olympiad, Chicken & Corn Filo Cups
Chicken & Corn Filo Cups
IIHM Young Chef Olympiad, Choux Swan
Choux Swan
IIHM Young Chef Olympiad, Goat Cheese Quiche
Goat Cheese Quiche
IIHM Young Chef Olympiad, Opera
IIHM Young Chef Olympiad, Strawberry Financier
Strawberry Financier

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