Every Indian Should Know These 10 Rights And Laws


Many people in our country, Including you are unaware of some of our rights and laws. Of-course, we don't give a shit about them but knowing these would help you one or the other time. It might also increase your general knowledge 

1. Tax recovery officer can arrest you
According to the "Income-tax Act of 1961" a tax recovery officer can arrest as well as release you without consent of police.
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2. Non-motorized vehicles has no laws to break
Non motor vehicles like a cycles have no rules or regulations to ride and no police can pinalize you for jumping signals or not wearing an helmet because cycles don't come under "Motor Vehicles Act"
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3. Receiving gifts? Its also called as Bribes
According to "The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 2010" Gifts are considered to be Bribes.
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4. Live-in relationships are Legal
Under the Domestic Violence Act, live-in relationships are not illegal and is considered to be 'equal to marriage' under certain conditions. 
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5. Male Officers cannot touch or escort Female
Yes, Male officers are not allowed to touch or escort any female and also she have all the rights not to go to police station between 6 pm and 6 am. Only female can escort a female.
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6. Cylinder Accident: You are entitled to receive upto Rs. 40 lakh cover
Domestic LPG consumers are actually entitled to receive upto Rs. 40 lakh accident cover if your cylinder explodes. Loss of Life and Property Damage are also included in the same.

7. Public Display of Affection is Illegal
Word obscene is not actually diffinied therefore any kind of PDA is Illegal and you can be jailed for 3 months.
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8. Head Constable of Traffic has only limited prosecution powers
According to the facebook post shared by Delhi as well as Bangalore cops confirms that a head constable of traffic police cannot fine you or collect money from you.
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9.You can buy lesser than MRP
Yes, the full form of MRP is Maximum Retail Price therefore you can buy products lesser than that also no retailer can sell you products more than MRP
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10. No Sex? Lets Divorce
If a husband or a wife refuses to have sex post marriage then deemed as 'mental cruelty' and is viable to Divorce.
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