These 9 Suggested Contestants To 'Bigg Boss 9' Will Crank Up The Show


Bigg Boss is one of the most famous and crazy reality show where contestants are house arrested and let them loose to expose themselves TV. Well! This years Bigg Boss might not be that different however if it loves us to pick contestants then I would love to suggest these below contestants just to see who fucks whom and who kisses whom.

1. Param Shradhey Shri Radhe Maa - Swami in the day and a party chick in the night, Radhe Maa has earned her place in most of our hearts for all the wrong reasons also she has been named as one of the most controversial swami of this year. Radhe Maa's special feature is to hug her devotees and make them lift her, and don't forget she is very "Pure and Pious". 
Reason - She should be a part of a Bigg Boss 9 because we all would love to see her lifted and hugged by our next choice contestant Swami Nityananda.
Param Shradhey Shri Radhe Maa funny meme photo

2. Swami Nityananda - The purest of all and the most famous porn star Swami Nityananda is a very famous self styled god man followed by thousands of people. However the recent porn mms video just made him more than a swami, I mean his porn movie went viral and he made millions of fans instantly. 
Reason - We all would love to see nityananda leela in different angles and ofcourse we would love to see his chemistry with Radhe Maa
Swami Nityananda funny meme photo Bigg Boss

3. Asaram Bapu / Narayan Sai - Like father, Like son proverb is surely suitable to both of these contestants. I mean they both are so divine that they are spreading awareness inside jail.
Reason - Asaram Bapu / Narayan Sai are like Villons, if Nityananda and Radhe Maa are the leading roles. The only reason they should be Villon's is because they have experience in rape scenes.
Asharam Bapu, Narayan Sai funny meme photo Bigg Boss

4. Akbaruddin Owaisi - Hard core minister with shit in his mouth, who talks of killing hindus and tells himself as a peaceful man. He is always on the news for all the wrong reasons and yes, he was the one who got beatings from a right wing group in the past.
Reason - 3 hindu fake swami and a fake muslim leader in the same room, what more entertainment do you want?
Akbaruddin Owaisi funny meme photo Bigg Boss

5. Rahul Yadav - I dont know how to introduce the former CEO of because he is one crazy dude. He was kicked out from his company and then he was proud getting kicked.The whole controversy started when he wrote a serious yet funny letter to the board members and investors saying that they are not intellectually capable enough to have any sensible discussion. Well! after reading this I felt I am reading a break up/ divorce letter.
Reason - Rahul Yadav is an intelligent guy for sure, he would play the game well. Oops, I mean he will fuck up this one too.
Rahul Yadav funny meme photo Bigg Boss Twitter

6. Sreesanth - He is India's pride right arm fast medium pace bowler whose anger is more than his talent. Sreesanth was never shant on the pitch and outside stadium he was very very shant in receiving tons of money from the bookies. However his act was caught red handed and just a single towel on his hip made it all wrong for him.
Reason - He surely can do a fast medium pace or face, I mean remember his face emotions and reactions on the pitch. He would be our comedian for sure.
Sreesanth funny meme photo Bigg Boss

7. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh - also known as the Chhora babbar sher ka is a spiritual leader but more than that he is an actor. I think he is the only saint who has acted on the screen and still acting off screen. His movie "MSG: The Messenger" ran into lot of trouble before release and a flop shop after the release.
Reason - He can be our fight master in the Bigg Boss 9 movie. He is our stunt master and by saying Stunt Master I mean something else.
Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh funny meme photo Bigg Boss

8. VJ Bani - also known as Gurbani Judge is an MTV India presenter sensation. She loves her tattoos, has a good body and nice structured booty. She actually became famous for her dumb ass attitude on MTV Roadies (season 4) and now she is a VJ and a model. I think most of you want to see her strip tease and hopefully in the mere future.
Reason - Every movie needs a good spicy Item Number, She surely can fill our hearts with her hot dance. Well! she can make Swami Nityananda, Asaram Bapu and Narayan Sai horny.
VJ Bani funny meme photo Bigg Boss

9. Rahul Gandhi - I think I would leave this empty coz everyone know him and everyone knows why we want him in this show. However I would like to see rahul gandhi's cheat sheets and his divine words on "Mahatma Gandhiji ke 3 bandar hua karte the ... woh chote chote bandar the"
Rahul Gandhi funny meme photo Bigg Boss

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