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Bangalore Food Startups You Probably Haven't Heard Of


There are many startups in India especially in Bangalore and these startups are revolutionary yet not well recognized in the public domain, There can be multiple reasons for it, from marketing to the customer satisfaction however regardless of all those, we have segregated a list of Food Delivery Startups in Bangalore which gives not only gives you food but also gives you an experience.

1. Petoo - or pronounced as PayTo is an upcoming startup serving Biryanis, Paneer & Chicken Sides, Gulab Jamoon and much more. Petoo is yet to come up in the market however I feel its worth a try.
Petoo Food Delivery StartUp

2. Dazo - is one of the growing startups serving all verities of food and you can order only via mobile application. The specialty of this app is that you can select food from a very limited menu which means that you have a lesser confusion and lesser choices.
Dazo Food Delivery StartUp

3. Fresh Menu - Serves you different types of global cuisines loved by different classes of people in Bangalore. Fresh Menu is doing a great job and I feel that this startup might expand rapidly to other cities.
Fresh Menu Food Delivery StartUp

4. EatOnGo - Something similar to Fresh Menu however they are yet to come big in the market. I haven't yet got an opportunity to taste their food but I would love too. 

5. itiffin - talks big about themselves in the market however they haven't yet grown much. Its serves food filled with nutrition values but who the fuck cares.
itiffin Food Delivery StartUp

6. Chefensa - sounds like a porn movie but no its a food startup focusing on normal food delivery. I don't see any kind of a uniqueness in it, hope their food is good.
Chefensa Food Delivery StartUp

7. Go Homely - serves authentic meal combos from different parts of india made by different moms of india. I would love to try them
Go Homely Food Delivery StartUp

8. Chulha - Similar to Petoo, not that interesting but the meals are cheap.
Chulha Food Delivery StartUp

9. NutriTown - Similar to itiffin, serving delicious and nutritious food.
NutriTown Food Delivery StartUp

10. DrinkKing Club - App only health focused beverage startup yet to becoming big in the market but its a nice concept.
DrinkKing Club Nutricious Food Delivery StartUp

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