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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bangalore Food Fete


Bangalore Food Fete Logo

Bangalore Food Fete is one of a kind food festival cum competition taking place at the VKC Pride at Marathahalli on Aug 8th and 9th 2015. This event is not only for food but they also have different types of activities and things you look for to do every weekend. Check out our list of reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Bangalore Food Fete.

1. Foodies Paradise
Bangalore Food Fete: Swat Food Truck

First and foremost, Bangalore Food Fete will display a range of best restaurants around Bangalore. This fete will also feature some of the best Food Trucks from Bangalore which is surely a treat for any foodie.

2. Boozers
Bangalore Food Fete: Beer Stalls
For all you drunkards, fete has presented you with mini pub outlets everywhere around the campus so you can chill and get high.

3. Live Performances
Bangalore Food Fete: Live Performance
Oh yeah, with the delicious food and drinks they also have live performances by our Indie bands.

4. Dancers/ Jugglers
Bangalore Food Fete: Dancers
Of course not Lungi Dance but the dancer who will dance in the fest are some professional dudes and hot girls and I am sure it will be a delight to your eyes.

5. Stand up comedy
Bangalore Food Fete: StandUp Comedy
Stand up comedy is a picking up fast and this fete is not behind in inviting them, I can't tell you that it will be the funniest day of your life but it will surely be funny.

6. Gaming Zone
Bangalore Food Fete: Gaming Zone
Well! Yeah. for the foodie gamers, this is awesome. They have promised to set up a gaming zone and I am sure you guys will love to ride a virtual car.

7. DJ
Bangalore Food Fete: DJ
 There is no party without DJs and BFF really knows how to rock Bangaloreans this weekend

8. Kids Play Zone
Bangalore Food Fete: Kids Play Area
For all the parents, this would be a relief. you can settle your kids at one place and enjoy the fete without any trouble.

9. Flame throwers
Bangalore Food Fete: Fire Show
Yup, they have invited Flamethrowers too. So get ready for some fiery action

10. I am your Guest of Honour
Bangalore Food Fete: Guest Jayanth Dev
Well, the Guruji Foodie Jayanth Dev will be there at the venue speaking to a lot of foodies and food enthusiast. Hope you can bump into me on Saturday.

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