14 Reasons Why Everyone should watch Baahubali Movie


Baahubali Movie which was released few days back is talking big at the box office, I mean this movie made a remarkable publicity which made everyone to watch this movie or at-least talk about it. If you have not yet watched this movie then I think you should watch this movie

1. Because Its India's Costliest Movie Ever Made
Baahubali Movie Posters

2. Because Animation Quality is amazing
Baahubali Movie Posters animation

3. Because If you don't believe women were respected and center of Power in Ancient India
Baahubali Movie Posters Ramya Krishnan

4. Because this is an Example of Ancient War Strategy, Trishul Vyuh, Chakravyuhs, and War Cry from Vedas
Baahubali Movie Posters

5. Because its first song just blows your mind away
Baahubali Movie Posters

6. Because animal sacrifices was not approved by all
Baahubali Movie Posters Animation Effects

7. Because if you love seeing saffron flags unfurling
Baahubali Movie Posters Animation Effects

8. Because this movie is not only for hindus
Baahubali Movie Posters Sudeep

9. Because Tammanna is a Hot Eye candy
Baahubali Movie Posters Tammanna

10. Because there is an Item Song
Baahubali Movie Item Song

11. Because It Earned more than 200 crores in a day
Baahubali Movie Animation

12. Because to see amazing ancient Indian Architectures
Baahubali Movie Animation

13. Because to see ancient monumental Viharas & Rathas
Baahubali Movie Animation

14.  Because its the best cinematography ever done in Indian Cinema
Baahubali Movie Animation

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