24 Reasons Why Bangalore Is The Only Best City In India


Namma Bengaluru is the only best city comparing to any other city in India, take it, Bombay, Delhi, Chennai or even Mr Modi's Ahmadabad none can compete with our Bangalore. From amazing skyscrapers to greenery and from techies to friendly people, Bangalore has maintained its charm with undamaged history and culture. Let us check this below list to know more about Bangalore and why it is the best city to live in

1. Clean and Green
Bangalore is also known as the Garden City of India because of its green environment and a clean atmosphere. The roads, gardens, parks are clean and green with almost no slums around
Bangalore Clean and Green
2. Technology Boom
Bangalore's another name is the IT Capital or Silicon Valley of India because Bangalore contains almost fifty thousand software companies, Biotechnology and BPO's also Bangalore is Head Quarters to Infosys, HAL Aeronautics, DRDO and even ISRO.
Bangalore IT Capital Infosys
Caption: Wikimedia
3. Temperature is moderate throughout the year
Bangalore is known for its amazing cool weather which is experienced throughout the year, unlike any other city which experiences hot/ cold temperature, Bangalore keeps itself warm and pleasant.
Bangalore Paranoma View, Weather, Bengaluru

Bangalore Paranoma View, Weather, Bengaluru

4. Zooming Imported Cars/ Bikes
Bangalore purchases the highest number of Imported Cars and Bikes in India and you can spot them everywhere
Bangalore International Cars
5. Rich Culture
Bangalore has a very rich culture, it can be food or something devotional Bangalore keeps up its traditional values intact with its growing modernity.
Bangalore Flower Market
Bangalore Flower Market, Caption:
6. Untouched History
Bangalore's history dates back from Tipu's time and beyond. You can visit palaces, castles standing tall in the middle of the city.
Bangalore Palace
Bangalore Palace, Credit:
7. Communal Harmony
Bangalore has the highest number of Temples, mosques and churches at a single place. It also has Gurudwaras, Jain derasars, Viharas, Agiari, Bahá'ís and Chabad. Well some of them stand next to each other especially in a place called Shivajinagar where Hindu, Muslim and Christians historic places of worship are present and everyone is peaceful.
Bangalore temple next to mosque
8. Sandalwood
Kannada Movie industry or Sandalwood is one of the biggest industry in India dates back to 1934. Sandalwood releases thousands of movies in a year and it has produced the lot of talents including Rajnikant, Juhi Chawla, Deepika Padukone, Jayalalita and others started their career in Kannada film industry.
Bangalore Innovative Flim City
Innovative Film City, Credit:
9. Concerts
Bangalore records the highest number of concerts in India featuring Desi as well as international artists.
Bangalore Concerts

10. Artsy
Bangalore is also known for its urban arts visible throughout Bangalore. Chitrakala parishat is one of the best art schools in India.
Bangalore Graffiti
11. Delicious Cuisines
Bangalore's Delicacies range from traditional to international, I mean you can find any kind of food like all types of Biryani, Indian Chicken, pork, beef dishes and international cuisines ranging from pure American to Mexican to Chinese to even Vietnamese, you will find all countries cuisines here.
Bangalore Traditional Food
12. Weekend Getaways
Bangalore itself carries many weekend getaway like theme parks, go-karting, adventure sports, racing etc and also has a lot of sightseeing places around Bangalore like Mysore, Kabini, Nandi Hills, Coorg etc.
Bangalore Gokarting
13. Pubs & Parties are Everywhere
Bangalore is also called as Pub City because it has as many as thousand pubs and is located in almost all the parts of Bangalore. Our city is also known for its amazing parties and is recorded that more booze is sold in Bangalore comparing to Mumbai and Delhi combined. Our City is the Las Vegas & Bangkok of India.
Bangalore Sanctum Party
Credits: Sanctum Club
14. Funk Dudes and Chicks
People here are amazing, they work hard on weekdays and party's hard on weekends. With there funk style Bangalore people are the best when it comes to style. They are also the most progressive people in the nation. The below image is when our dudes wore skirts last year as a protest against sexual assaults on women.
Cool People Bangalore
Credits: Youtube
15. Extended Deadlines
Well! We can party hard till 1pm and our Bangalore cops make sure that every man and women get home safe. Our cops extend their warm hands to help even drunk people by securing them and getting them public transport with security. Can any other city cops do this?
Bangalore Party
16. City Cops are the Best
Our City cops are quick and reactive, they work quickly to help anyone in need. If you don't find any cop around then you can file case on social media, cops react to tweets quickly and get you justice within few hours. Hey! they are active on Facebook and crack jokes too.
Bangalore Traffic Police Advertisements
Creative ads by Bangalore Traffic Police
17. Lowest Crime Rates
Bangalore city & traffic police make sure that the crime rates are low, being active everywhere they react to emergencies faster than any other cop in India
Bangalore City Traffic Police

18. Safest Place for Women
Women are the safest here, they party till 1 and go home safely this is possible because of our amazing cops. Gandhi's freedom is working in Bangalore coz a lonely woman walks at 1 around the city without any kind of fear.
Hot Girl I-Bar Bangalore Club Party
Credits: I-Bar, The Park
19. Couples get maximum privacy
Unlike other cities, Our people don't care if any couple is romancing on the street. That's Bangalore for you.
Bangalore Sanctum Party Hot Couples
Credits: Sanctum Club
20. Roads are Undamaged
Roads are not only clean but its smooth, unlike other cities where roads are filled with potholes. Our city has maintained its charm and roads are smooth to race on.
Bangalore Roads
Credits: Wikipedia
21. Everyone Loves to teach you Kannada
You can learn Kannada anywhere, just go to any shop and ask them how to say for example lemon in Kannada, they will smile at you and teach you humbly and give you discounts too.
Bangalore shops providing discount for speaking kannada
22. Don't know Kannada? No worries, We are Polyglots
If you don't know Kannada, then don't worry we speak your language. Our people can speak at-least five different languages so chill. Does your city people speak our language? Chennai, Delhi or Bombay?
Bangalore Bus Conductor Speakinng five different language
23. Multi-Racial People
Our city is Cosmopolitan because we have all kinds of races living here, from Americans to Russians to Chinese and even our blacks all live here without facing any discrimination.
Bangalore Sanctum Party
Credits: Sanctum Club
24. Very Cool People, Macha!
Finally, We are the coolest people in the world. Talk to us and you'll find out. 
Cool People of Bangalore

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  1. Bangalore is also the best place for pets. The number of cool places pets can go is just amazing.

  2. Other people benefits too much according to me who want to make more than relationship can be done there. Outside people take advantage of freedom but forgot that what happened with the other people. Karnataka people awesome for help full other then south states in india. For that reason i was given to 9 of 10.

  3. dude get a reality check its not the best city

  4. Some places are good. not all..


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