These 9 Local Desi Spirits Can Give You More Kick Than Other Alcohol In The World


Kingfisher, Imperial Blue, Johnny Walker, Old Monk and Other Alcohols are popular and drank by many people across India however do you know that we have our own local Alcohols which can give you an higher knowledge than these famous brands. If you don't know then check this below amazing list of 8 different alcohols available in different places which can give you more kick than other alcohol brands.

1. Feni, Goa
Made from cashew or coconut
Credit: www.thegoan.net

2. Lugdi, Manali

Made from rice
Credit: WikiMedia

3. Sekmai Yu, Manipur

Rice wine
Credit: merinews.com

4. Chhang, Sikkim

Made from Semi-fermented seeds of millet
Credit: outlooktraveller.com

5. Mahua, Chhattisgarh
Made from mahua flowers
Credit: deepak_cucek

6. Handia, West Bengal
Made from rice.

7. Apong, Majuli

Made from rice.

8. Toddy, Kerala

made from various kinds of palm saps

9. Gudamaba, Andra Pradesh

Made From Sugar Cane
Credit: jagran.com

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