Get Over Maggi Noodles And Try These 6 Alternative Instant Noodles


Maggi Noodles Ban is an old story now and many Maggi lovers including me were depressed because India's best Noodles was no more however I then started discovering lot more noodles which can really feed our thirst for noodles. These below alternatives would make you forget or get over Maggi instant noodles.

1. Wai Wai 123 Noodles - The only reason I put this in the top because this instant noodles is tasty, flavorish and spicy too. This noodles for my surprise can be eaten without cooking too because the crunchy noodles has pre-coated masala and it comes with chilli powder and flavored oil which makes the noodles 10 times tastier than any Instant Noodles.

2. Yippee Noodles - Yippee is a very new branded Instant Noodles comes with 3 different flavors and everything is unique in there taste and quality. The specialty of Yippee Noodles is that they are Non-sticky long Noodles which I think is very rare. Finally Yippee Noodles gives mouthful flavor and of-course can replace Maggi Noodles anytime.

3. Nissin Top Ramen - Top Ramen was/ is one of the toughest comparators to Maggi Noodles even to this day because of its excellent quality and a strong masala. Top Ramen comes with lot of flavors but the one according to foodies is Curry Noodles which gives a nice Flavor and even the noodles looks unique or so to say it looks like hand made Chinese noodles.

4. Knorr Soupy Noodles - Knorr Soupy Noodles actually gave quite a good compitition when it came to market. "Eat It - Drink It" became a slogan almost everywhere however this Soupy Noodles actually lost its taste but still, It can be said as one of the best soupy noodles available in the market.

5. Ching's Secret Noodles - Ching's Secret Noodles is not really that bigger secret however Ching's noodles is a very good instant noodle brand. Ching's comes with 4 different flavors and I am sure non of them will disappoint you.

6. Horlicks Foodles - Last but not the least Foodles is a healthy multi-grain noodles and Its really good. Horlicks Foodles was marketed well but it couldn't impress many people including me. Foodles does taste good but it doesn't have that ingredient which makes Maggi better, well I am not taking about LEAD.

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