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11 Places In Bangalore For An Awesome Ladies Night For Guys


Ladies Night is one of the best things that happened to Bangalore especially in pubs where a lot of girls group, single girls enter to enjoy free drinks. Ladies Night are also a hidden dating point were single guys meet pretty girls but I think I should take a shot commenting on Ladies Night. Basically, I hate Ladies Night because you can't just walk into a chick coz in every group there is one girl-in-charge, there is an alpha chick, usually, one with a big shiny pendant looks like a shaman from the apocalyptic. She is the one with the rules like "Hear me, girls, this is the rules. Let's pay for drinks and Let's go home together". Every group has a trickster who has a nice cleavage, those are the one who gets more attention and those are the one who tries to get drinks for themselves and for their group. You pick a girl thinking she is going to stay you but that choice is always wrong, There is a crazy girl in every group and guys trust me, don't approach her coz she is the one who is gonna cry in the middle of the night. Look for a girl who is quite in a group, that's the girl who you want. Anyways, This below list is for all those single guys who want a good time. enjoy...

1. NO Limmits Bangalore

2. Pebbles

3. Love Stack

4. The Sugar Factory

5. Xtreme Sports Bar

6. Ice Bar

7. I-Bar

8. Double Decker

9. Bierre Republic

10. Eclipse Leela Palace

11. Sanctum Club

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