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10 Reasons Why Bangalore Is Not For Foodies


You might have heard lot of things about Bangalore and its changing culture, Its all true to an extent. However with the growing trend Bangalore is loosing its cultural values. Urbanization has destroyed the food culture in Bangalore and this article will give you a brief idea why Bangalore Is Not a place for Foodies.

1. Bangalore has forgotten its cultural foods
Bangalore Traditional Foods
2. Roadside food is Dirty and Unhygienic
Bangalore Street Food

3. Bangalore only serves Bad Idli,Vada & Dosa
Idli,Vada & Dosa

4. Meh
Bangalore Chinese Restaurants

5. Bangalore Serve Indo-Chinese Cuisines... What is that???
Indo-Chinese Cuisines Bangalore
6. Bangaloreans are not Spiritual so therefore they Don't Have any Vegetarian Restaurants
Bangalore Vegetarian Restaurant, ISKCON

7. International Cuisines can never be found in Bangalore
Foreign Cuisines in Bangalore

8. Bangalore don't serve the best coffee, Not even Star Bucks

StarBucks Coffee, India Coffee House

9. No KFC, Mc Donalds or any international brands
KFC, Mc Donalds, KrispyKreme, TacoBell

10. Bangalore Dont Party at all.
Bangalore Holi Party

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  1. The one posted this ad must be an elder brother of RAHUL GHANDHI :)

  2. No. No.. The one posted this ad is an Idiot without any knowledge of Bangalore. There is a temple in each and every street only in Bangalore. Only Bangalore is left with Veg Restaurants than any other city serving all varieties of food ( Veg, South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Continental ) etc.
    The poster of this ad is a useless, knowledgeless, completely waste asshole of India. Every asshole of kerala is coming to Bangalore and settling down here. It says the incredibility of the city.. They pray SHAKEELA as their goddess and says there is no spirituality here . lol :)

    1. Lolzzz, the funny part didn't get the article right :-P

  3. He was being sarcastic..duh..


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