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30 Amazing Unforgettable Bangalore's Food Dishes You Cannot Miss


If you are visiting Bangalore or want to become an immigrant you surely need to know few things about Bangalore. Mainly there are two things you need to know about our city, first thing is that our city is now called Bengaluru and not Bangalore and yes, you can call it Namma Bengaluru (My Bangalore). The second thing is that Bengaluru is unofficially called the foodies capital of the world because its a paradise for yummy foods. Bengaluru is a modern city which has its unique old traditional values attached to it. In this age of burgers and pizzas, Bangalore's traditional dishes still exits and it talks about a lot about old Bangalore. These following are 20 unforgettable dishes you need to try if you are in Bangalore.

1. Chow Chow Bath - A fantastic combination of sweet and spicy can be found in this chow chow bath. Its a mix of Kesari bath and Khara bath (Upma)
Chow Chow Bath
2. Pongal (Sweet & Khara) - The next fantastic combination of sweet and spicy can be found in Sweet and Khara Pongal however you need to buy this separately.
Pongal (Sweet & Khara)
3. Idli - Fluffy spongy dish made with rice is one of the famous Bangalore breakfast. To try this combo then you need to hit places like veena stores malleshwaram and etc.
Idli Sambar
4. Vada - Round fried food usually given with Idli is a spicy dish tastes fantastic and oily.

5. Mosaru Vada (Dahi Vada) - The above vada is dipped in Dahi or curd and then topped with kara boondi.
Mosaru Vada (Dahi Vada)
6. Benne Dose - Dosa is a crunchy pancake but its not a sweet however Benne Dose is a variant made with butter. You can visit CTR Sri Sagar, Vidyarti Bhavan to have a classic one.
Benne Dose
7. Kesari Bath - A sweet usually given with combination of Khara Bath.
Kesari Bath
8. Uppittu (Upma, Khara Bath) - A spicy usually given with combination of Kesari Bath.
Uppittu (Upma, Khara Bath)

9. Rava Idli - Another Varient of Idli made with rava (Soji) and not rice. This will have a topping of cashew nuts and some greens.
Rava Idli

10. Bonda, Bajji - Alvaliable almost everywhere, you can try this spicy snake almost anywhere in bangalore
Bonda, Bajji
11. Bonda Soup - Bonda dipped in specially made sambar.
Bonda Soup

12. Donne Biryani - Karnataka's special Biryani is Donne Biryan, basically available in less places around bangalore however you can visit cottonpet to have the best Donne Biryani.
Donne Biryani
13. Rice Bath (Tomato Bath, Pulav) - Usually rice bath in Bangalore varies from tomato rice to ghee rice to pulav however everything tastes classic
Rice Bath (Tomato Bath, Pulav)
14. Pakoda - Usually traced in bajji shops, its a crispy roasted onion dish.
15. Mangaluru Bajji - Mangaluru Bajji is actually famous in bangalore than in mangalore. Its a round bonda type dish which is usually plan inside.
Mangaluru Bajji
16. Rava Dosa - Soji variant of dosa
Rava Dosa
17. Akki Roti - Roti is a hard bread made with rice like dish roasted and topped with onion, chilli and more.
Akki Roti
18. Ragi Roti - This is a Ragi variant of Roti
Ragi Roti
19. Set Dosa - Fluffy form of dosa
Set Dosa
20. Puliyogare - Brown and delicious, Puliyogare is a south Brahmin special rice made with lot of spices. This is said to be Ayurvedic. 
21. Shavige Bath (Vermicelli Upittu) - Vermicelli is cooked with spices and topped with masala.
Shavige Bath (Vermicelli Upittu)
22. Poori Sagu - Poori is made with both Wheat and Maida, It is a deep fried non fluffy form of bread.
Poori Sagu
23. Holige, Obbattu - This is a traditional sweet flat bread mostly topped with pure ghee or purified butter
Holige, Obbattu
24. Chakli (Benne Murukku) - Crunchy deep fried either in butter or oil is a yummy snack.
Chakli (Benne Murukku)
25. Coffee, Tea, Masala Tea, Lemon Tea, Ginger Tea - India runs on chai, so do Bangalore.
Coffee, Tea, Masala Tea, Lemon Tea, Ginger Tea
26. Chitranna (Lemon Rice) - Its a lemon flavored rice, made little sour and spicy.
Chitranna (Lemon Rice)
27. Kal Soup (Leg Soup) - Lamb Leg soup is one of the healthiest soup made with adding extra garlic and boiled.

28. Kaima Unde Saaru (Meat Balls Curry) - Kaima unde is mostly a lamb mince made like a ball and dipped in masala. It tastes delicious with ragi mudde which comes next
Kaima Unde Saaru (Meat Balls Curry)

29. Ragi Mudde - Ragi Ball also called as Black Ball is a very famous main course meal. Its a healthy way of filling stomach and reducing weight.
Ragi Mudde

30. Thale Mamsa (Goat's head curry) - Lambs head including beja or brain is one of the famous dish you can find in Bangalore. you can look for it in some military hotel.
Thale Mamsa (Goat's head curry)

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