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8 Best Websites For Ordering Food Online In Bangalore


As you know Bengaluru is a foodies paradise and for all the foodies, online ordering and door delivery is a paradise on earth. Understanding this concept lot of start ups have come up with online line order and we foodies love the concept. Below are the best 8 websites for ordering online food. This list is biased on the quick response, customer service and quick delivery.

1. FoodPanda- This is totally number one because of its excellent quick problem solving customer service and quick delivery. The offers also plays an important role as they give offers from 50% off to 100 rupees off. They also have a wide variety of restaurant and exists almost all corners of Bangalore therefore foodies you can just click and order it.

2. JustEatIn- Many people might disagree with me but Just Eat In stands second in this list because of there lack of offers. Comparatively is good as FoodPanda but they lack offers therefore it stands second. Foodies who have tried both food panda and would agree that they saved money odering on foodpanda and not much on

3. Delyver- It is a growing online food delivery website and it is good so to say because of its simple list of restaurants and user friendly website. Foodies can definitely order from this website and can see how it works but according to me its above average.

4. Tasty Khana- This is another start up which will be soon merged with food panda so therefore no more words to speak about this.
Tasty Khana

5. Swiggy- It is a limited service online food ordering website covering only about 6 square kilometer. I havent yet ordered on this site to review it but really waiting to see it grow. (Swiggy team: If you are seeing this, higher me as your marketing guy ;-) )

6. YummyBay - First I saw this website I was astonished to see how girly this website looks, but then I realized that the co founder of this website is a pretty women Ms.Vineetha Ketty. YummyBay looks promising however I am yet to order here because of its lack of offers and options

7. Nutritown -  It is a nutritionist endorsed healthy lunch and dinner online order and home delivered website which looks healthy. The food is affordable and I think going healthy is really not a sin when the food is tasty.

8. Titbit- It is a very new online ordering site, Knows nothing about this, but just adding it so that they grow more and feed us with lot of offers.

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