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10 Places To Have Best Biryani In Bangalore


Every Bangalorean loves Biryani, that is the reason you find lot of Biryani shops in and around Bangalore however do you really know which Biryani tastes best? Biryani is available in almost all the restaurants across Bangalore but there are only few which is liked by Bangaloreans. If you want to know more about Bangalore then you definitely have to taste these best Biryani joints in Bengaluru. Check out this below list of Biryani serving joints you need to visit if you are in Namma Bengaluru

1. Hyderabadi Biryani House - The Bangalore's best and authentic Hyderabadi Biryani can be found here. As the name says they are very popular for there authenticity and flavorful Hyderabadi biryani which is tasty as well as spicy.
Hyderabadi Biryani House Bangalore

2. Swathi Restaurant, Rajajinagar - Located in the busy West of Chord Road, Rajajinagar, This restaurant serves you one of the best homemade Spicy Andra Biryani. This Restaurant is so amazing that they serve authentic andra dishes which are very spicy.

Swathi Restaurant, Rajajinagar

3. Nandhini Restaurant - This restaurant serves you both authentic andra and hydrabadi biriyani which is less spicy and more quality in it. Nandhini is known for its authentic taste and hygienic food quality and trust me, you will love this biryani.

Nandhini Restaurant Bangalore

4. Meghana Foods - Meghana again is an authentic andra special hotel however they even serve hydrabadi biriyani too. Meghana's classic is there boneless biryani which tastes really good after you get drunk somewhere on brigade road.
Meghana Foods Bangalore

5. Nagarjuna - This is one of the oldest restaurant in Bangalore which serves authentic Andra food. I know Bangalore is full of Andra special restaurants but every other restaurant is unique and worth trying all.

Nagarjuna Restaurant Bangalore

6. Zaffran Restaurant - I know many people might wonder about Zaffran serving biryani. Let me tell you guys, they serve amazing boneless biryani and Its so unique that I cannot judge it by saying andra or hyderabadi but Zaffran biryani is awesome. This is located inside Orion Mall if you guys didn't know.
Zaffran Restaurant, Orion Mall, Bangalore

7. Ammis Biryani - With Home delivery option, Ammis have grown and have a set of fans in  Bengaluru. Ammis Biryani is a very dry Biryani but the taste is really good. You can visit there website or call them to taste.
Ammis Biryani Bangalore

8. Ta'aam -  One of my foodie friend suggest me this and trust me, Ta'aam serves the juiciest chicken biryani in the town. Located in the heart of the city Queen's Road Cross, Ta'aam is an amazing place to have biryani
Ta'aam Restaurant Bangalore

9. CottonPet Donne Biryani - Who can replicate the ancient taste of Donne Biryani, People waiting ques from morning 6pm to get at least one pack of this biryani. Till today hundreds of people have tried to replicate this biryani but no one could ever replicate the amazing taste of CottonPet Donne Biryani. You have to have this biryani at least once before you die.
  10. My Mom's Biryani -  My mom prepares one of the best biryani in the world and trust me its true.
HomeMade Mutton Biryani

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